Appeal of Employee Ownership attracts quality new talent to CAS

by Ken Naismith | posted in Company News | 7th January 2016

When you run an IT business in a city in which there are 11,000 more vacancies than there are people to fill them, attracting new team members isn’t to be taken lightly.   CAS is delighted to welcome SQL Engineer, Andrew Miller, formerly a government employee within progressive IT roles.

“There were two main reasons for joining Computer Application Services” says Andrew, “One was the feeling that your views and ideas definitely count and the other, Employee Ownership.”  

Andrew adds, “To be honest, I didn’t know a lot about EO before visiting CAS but the employees’ representative explained the collaborative approach, the fact that each person has real responsibility and accountability for their work and the shared incentive to do our best.”

CAS has two business streams; one provides niche services to MoD training ranges and the other, case management software for complaint management and employee relations casework. 

Other applications for Workpro case management software are also being developed but Financial Conduct Authority rules are changing so that has created  plenty of opportunities for Workpro’s FCA-compatible configuration. 

Similarly, with employee relations such a vital and potentially sensitive area, Workpro is of interest to senior HR professionals who are keen to uphold service and compliance while keeping a firm grip on productivity and costs within their departments.

Employee Owned businesses now account for some £30bn of the UK’s gross national product – akin to the Agriculture industry.   CAS is certainly one to watch as the team cultivates opportunities and reaps the rewards!



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