CAS Helps Nurture New Generation of Talent for Scotland’s Booming Tech Sector

by 8 | posted in Company News | 17th September 2015

Coding students

Computer Application Services (CAS) has thrown its support behind a new coding academy aiming to train up Scotland’s next generation of world-class software developers.

There is a shortage of about 11,000 skilled digital professionals in Scotland and Edinburgh-based CodeClan is planning to help fill that gap.

CAS has become an Employer Partner of CodeClan, pledging support by providing master-classes and coaching sessions for budding new programmers.

In return CAS will get access to the bright new talent who have taken the intensive 16-week courses offered by CodeClan.

Chris Ellis, Chief Technical Officer at CAS, says: “One of the big problems facing software organisations in Scotland and the rest of the UK is access to qualified technical staff. There simply aren’t enough of them.

“Apparently Edinburgh is now the third largest centre for technology in the UK so there is considerable demand for talent.

"As a small organisation our needs for new staff are not substantial but even so we need to make sure we can recruit high quality software developers.

"And we need to keep an eye on the future so that we can grow as an organisation.”

CAS has a dedicated team of software developers who create and update our case and complaints management software Workpro.

CodeClan has also been supported by the Scottish Government, Scotland’s digital trade body ScotlandIS and Skills Development Scotland.

Michael Pavling, Director of Curriculum and Learning at CodeClan, says: “ Our mission is to produce high quality job-ready software developers who have the skills employers really need.

“There’s a shortage of around 11,000 digital skilled professionals in Scotland and we’re here to help fill that gap.”

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