CAStodians make EO day count for more

by Ken Naismith | posted in Company News | 4th July 2018

Workpro team discuss project

What do IT bods do when they are having a break from working on computers?  They play on computers.  In the spirit of doing something fun to mark Employee Ownership day, that's what the team at Edinburgh-based CAS (Computer Application Services Ltd) undertook to do.

The team invested time ahead of Friday 29th, EO flag day, to identify areas where a special boost, a push, a concentration of effort would see done some valuable work that kept being pushed to the back of the queue.

Completing social media options on Workpro complaints management software and adding to the inclusive reporting sets in Workpro's employee relations casework version were chosen for the two-team sprints.  

Known in the trade as a "Hackathon" developers work together and at pace to achieve in double time (usually involving play in extra time) their goals.

Those in the team not able to help with these "sprints" were included in setting specifications then gainfully employed in keeping the supply of food, cold drinks and ice lollies flowing.  With a deadline set, two were also tasked with sourcing and building a picnic table to be ready in time for a pizza delivery.  And cake … there’s always cake on EO day, this year home made apply pie courtesy of QA Tester, Ben.

Since becoming employee owned in 2014, team CAS has invested some £1m in making the Workpro technology platform an ever-more out-of-the-box product.  Retaining the Ombudsman customer base they jealously guard, investments made have attracted new users in Employee Relations casework as well as those managing FCA-regulated financial complaints.   The platform continues to expand to include non-conformance and appeals case types, increasing security, boosting productivity and offering user convenience - The Whole Case in One Place.

A great way to have fun on EO day while keeping shareholders happy ... employee-owner "CAStodians" being said shareholders!



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