Digital Transformation: Survival of the fittest?

by Chris Ellis | 9th March 2016

Digital transformation

“Digital Transformation” and “Digital Disruption” are the big buzzwords in the tech world at the moment.

They were certainly the focus of attention at the recent sell-out ScotTech Digital Transformation 2016 Conference in Edinburgh.

And organisations in every sector are beginning to realise that they either embrace digital transformation or they will not be able to operate for long in today’s increasingly digital world. It is a sink or swim situation.

Dr Jim Hamil, from the University of Strathclyde Business School, has written a fascinating report for the business organisation FSB: “Digital Disruption and Small Business in Scotland”.

In it he argues that the changes experienced since the arrival of the Internet 20 years ago are “nothing compared to what is coming over the next few years”. And he warns that businesses need to “adapt or die”.

He goes on to say: “The days of treating digital as a peripheral add-on are over. Many organisations have become, or are in the process of becoming, digital dinosaurs due to their inability to adapt.”

In today’s environment where customers and employees expect to be constantly digitally connected, when we have social media in the palm of our hands, the Internet of Things, the cloud and intelligent machines, it is not enough to simply have a website and an online presence. Digital operations must lie at the heart of any organisation that wants to be competitive.

Dr Hamil paints what could be seen as a daunting picture in which success or failure in embracing digital transformation will separate the wheat from the chaff, a survival of the fittest in the business world – a sort of “Digital Darwinism”.

Here at Computer Application Services we see digital transformation as an incredibly exciting opportunity to embrace new opportunities and capabilities – to enter a new era in the way business operates.

With our cutting edge cloud-based technology Workpro, we are well placed to help organisations take on the technological tsunami that is coming their way. Workpro ensures that customer feedback, case management and complaints handling are dealt with as part of an integrated, streamlined digital operation.

Workpro case and complaints management software automates the process of dealing with this aspect of a business, delivering consistency of response with speed and security, in line with all regulatory requirements.

Digital transformation can drive growth, improve efficiency and reduce costs. More than that though, as Dr Hamil’s report argues, it is about survival of the fittest in the modern technological world.

For more information about Workpro please contact us.

Chris Ellis is Chief Technical Officer at Computer Application Services.



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