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by Ken Naismith | posted in Company News | 28th January 2021

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Most people know The Samaritans by reputation. Others may know a bit more about the organisation because they have donated, or volunteered, or perhaps used their support.  When the team at Computer Application Services (CAS) made a donation, it immediately became a gift that gave; one of The Samaritans outreach team shared a presentation with “Team CAS” during an online meeting which was informative, inspiring and very moving. 

CAS develops Workpro case management software which is favoured by, among other user groups, the Ombudsman community.  So the concept of being there for people at times when they are hard done by and especially when they are vulnerable, is quite familiar.

The Samaritans deal with all kinds of people…when they are vulnerable. They are a listening ear when life takes a nasty turn, or your mind takes you down a dark path.  Money worries, relationship problems, self-esteem, guilt, alcohol and substance abuse.  They are all in the mix.  But sometimes people just feel really bad for reasons they can’t put their finger. And if they have a good life on the outside with “nothing to complain about”, that too can fuel the unfathomable self-destruction that grips everyday people, every day.  

The Samaritans gives new meaning to the phrase “at the end of the line”.  People who find themselves at that place – isolated, possibly self-harming, contemplating ending it all - will find a listening, non-judgemental ear.  Hopefully, they will soon be able to see a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.  The Samaritans website shares more of the work now being done, beyond that life-changing, sometimes life-saving phone call.

If you run a business and would like to support colleagues’ mental health during lockdown.  If you are mindful of how fortunate you are “in the current circumstances” and would like to give something back (volunteering or fund raising) or indeed if you realise that you need to talk to someone who will hear your cry, The Samaritans are available every day.  

Telephone number to get help: Freephone 116123   

See website www.Samaritans.org to find out how you can be of help.

To learn more about the work Ombudsman do and how Workpro case management software supports them, read our blog.



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