How employee ownership helps our business resilience

by Lynne Campbell | posted in Company News | 12th August 2020

The current climate is challenging the ways everyone does business. CAS recently celebrated 6 years of employee ownership (EO). Combined with business continuity practices we put in place long before Covid-19 was even heard of, our EO status is helping us ride out the current storm.

So how does employee ownership help our business resilience?

Employee ownership has fostered a culture where personal responsibility and open communication is the norm for CAStodians (the name we give ourselves). Qualities which proved vital as our team found itself geographically dispersed.

Our team switched to home working with ease. Every CAS employee was already set up for this and our Infrastructure and Support team had tested the efficacy of remote working in a business continuity exercise conducted months previously.

CAStodians have gone the extra mile throughout this pandemic. They have proven themselves to be collaborative, responsive and supportive – both of each other and customers.

They used their expertise for example to help some customers who were not quite so ready for the sudden nationwide move to home working – supplying laptops at short notice.

Our Workpro case management software has also proven itself to be an invaluable tool for caseworkers – both office based and home working. Workpro systems have been deployed to new customers remotely, helping teams struggling to manage caseload while apart.

The move to EO increased both employee engagement and productivity. In the past 6 years, the CAS team has ensured growth and quality by transforming both our business and our products – with ideas stemming from and developed by team members rather than management.

Our employees not only have a stronger input in how we do business but also participate in the company’s strategic direction. At CAS we strive for innovation - being led by our employees has ensured both company improvements and the success of client projects.

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