How even a small IT firm can be green minded

by 8 | posted in Company News | 28th April 2016

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As a relatively small, specialised IT firm Computer Application Services (CAS) does not have a particularly large carbon footprint. But we are interested in ensuring we are being as environmentally conscientious as possible.

Unlike, for instance, the manufacturing industry, we do not have the potential to save significant amounts of energy and resources by changing the way we operate.

However, does this mean there is no point trying to do our bit to be as green-minded as possible? Not for a minute.

Although it is a phrase that will now forever conjure up a certain supermarket chain, it is true that every little helps. And this is the mantra we try to follow.

We have transformed our customer sales and support methods, with most product demonstrations, trials, project meetings and much training now taking place remotely through web links and video conferencing to clients and prospects all over the world, reducing air miles significantly. Investment in our Workpro case management product to make it available through the ‘cloud’ (Software as a Service) was an important factor in this.

We have just renewed our ISO14001 accreditation for environmental management. It was pointed out during this audit that while there is a limit to what we can do as a small office, our products are helping to make a big difference.

The RAF uses CAS software to provide a realistic training environment for aircrews, saving considerable amounts of aviation fuel that would otherwise be used sending them overseas to train.

Our case and complaints management product Workpro encourages paperless working by storing all documentation electronically and makes it accessible to authorised stakeholders in multiple offices without the need for printouts or postal services.

And our GNAT noise analysis tool contributes to noise pollution reduction by allowing the Ministry of Defence to model the impact of tank and gunfire exercises.

Within our own office we try to be as environmentally conscientious as possible. We recycle as much as we can - everything from paper to coffee pods to old computer equipment - and encourage the switching off of computers and other equipment overnight.

So here at CAS we are confident that even though we are not doing anything game changing, we are doing our bit to make sure our working practices, and those of our customers, are as environmentally sustainable as possible.

CAS Ltd, based in Edinburgh, provides software development with a particular expertise in case and complaints management solutions. For more information visit or

*This article was published in the Bright Green Business Network's newsletter.



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