Top Tips for Career Success from our own Chief Technical Officer

by 8 | posted in Company News | 10th September 2015

The secret to success? Making the most of every opportunity to learn new things and meet new people.

This is according to our very own Chief Technical Officer Chris Ellis, who was asked by The University of Edinburgh to write about himself to inspire future students.

Chris spent a year studying for an MSc in Informatics at the University of Edinburgh and has now written about his experience for the alumni pages of the university’s website.

After completing a degree in Classics at the University of Cambridge he realised he would benefit from a computing qualification to take forward his growing interest in software development.

He chose Edinburgh partly due to the university’s excellent reputation but also because of its proximity to the Highlands as he is a keen hill walker. He had his hands full as his first child was born during the second semester but he completed the MSc in 2005.

He explains that, after working for several other organisations in Edinburgh, he is now part of a new management team here at CAS Ltd, where he is helping to “transform the company from a services-based revenue model to a more product focussed organsation”.

“These are exciting times as we have taken the company into employee-ownership to drive growth over the coming years,” he says.

And when asked for his “alumni wisdom” he writes: “Take advantage of all the opportunities you can to learn new things and meet people.  You never know when they might be useful.”

To find out more about Chris’s qualifications, experience and expertise visit his LinkedIn page or contact him.



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