Why work for Workpro?

by System Message | posted in Company News | 25th March 2022

CAS, known to most customers by our product name Workpro, is employee-owned with a family feel where every team member is valued. At Workpro, we design case management systems for complaints handling, employee relations and other regulated casework.


We are a close-knit team at Workpro. As employee owners, we all have a stake in the business and its success, and we take our core values and social responsibility seriously.


The work:

We proudly own Workpro, and most of the team are directly involved with developing and improving the product. Unlike many other development roles, where you might complete a project but never see whether your work was valuable and successful, here you to see the outcome. And everyone at Workpro, from admin to development sees that their work is valuable, and -  how Workpro improves things for our customers.


We work closely with customers to understand their pain points and frustrations, and to help them overcome them. As employee-owners, Workpro belongs to the team, and the team takes pride in making it better for all – customers and staff alike. We use innovation and creativity to find ways to improve and enhance our product and expand it to include the latest technologies, keeping our jobs interesting, challenging, and skills fresh.


"Thanks to the support of the Workpro family, I have changed my career from graphic designer to UX Designer. I recently received my Professional Diploma in UX from the UX Design Institute, and I have been applying my new skills to improve Workpro at the same time.

We are not just an employee number; we are a family. I look forward to improving Workpro user experience even further thanks to this new knowledge."

Irene Cazaux

Workpro UX Designer


Team spirit, in and out of work

There is a genuine family feel to the team, and we listen to each other's needs and support each other. We encourage everyone to share ideas, no matter what their role.


And the team spirit doesn't end when the work does. We take time out to have some fun and also take corporate social responsibility seriously. Our colleagues take part in a variety of schemes and find many ways to help the community – for example:


The CAS team helping to re-landscape the garden at FetLor Youth Club

Job satisfaction

Employee ownership adds a unique element to job satisfaction, where your work is helping to grow a company that you have a stake in, and our 5-star Glass Door rating shows that our team are very happy here.

There are several reasons for this (on top of the above):

Benefits Overview:


If you would like to learn more about working for Workpro, email us at info@workpro.com or visit our Careers page.



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