Supplier of IT systems and services for NATO defence establishments since 1982. 

CAS Defence Solutions include our EW Aircrew Training (C3) systems and our GNAT Gunfire Noise Analysis Tool.

Aircrew Training Systems
CAS Command, Control and Communications (C3) systems for European Electronic Warfare (EW) Tactics Ranges help provide a realistic, cost –effective aircrew training environment. The system allows airforces to develop and practice the tactics necessary to defeat ground based anti-aircraft systems. Product Information

Gunfire Noise Analysis Tool  
CAS is at the forefront of noise modelling for live fire artillery ranges. Our Gunfire Noise Analysis Tool (GNAT) has proven to be a significant asset in both the planning, and the noise management, phases of artillery ranges. Product Information

CAS is fully conversant with the procedural requirements of military contracts particularly those pertaining to proposal preparation, project management, system design, system development and through-life support.