Service exception and complaints management for FM

Main stream facilities management applications are designed to manage routine maintenance and to activate emergency responses. But “non-critical” service exceptions, including minor annoyances and complaints are often managed with spreadsheets, if they are captured at all. The lack of built in automatic processes can risk a minor issue or grievance escalating in to a major issue.

Working alongside your existing systems, Workpro is a more intelligent way to resolve these non-critical service exceptions. It captures and manages every issue, no matter how minor, adding visibility to the process. You are in control, deciding how issues are escalated. Everything is easily to hand in one integrated system.

Workpro gives you a clear picture of what needs to be done, by when and whom – whether contract directors, operations managers, call handlers or third party suppliers. Intelligent workflow proactively manages issues through to quick resolution. Workload management tools support your staff, enabling them to uphold service levels. It reduces the risk that an initially non-critical service exception or minor recurring issue could escalate to be a major problem, or that penalty thresholds are tripped. We work with you to set the priority and timescales for when issues transfer to Workpro – a system tailored to your needs. 

Why use Workpro for facilities management?

• Customers receive a better service with a clearer picture of performance.

• Contract directors have the management information they need to make business decisions. Trend analysis makes it easy to see if reacting to small recurring problems comes at a cost.

• Operations managers benefit from a better overview.

• Front line staff can call on automated escalation support and act on information at their fingertips.