FCA compliant complaints handling and reporting solution

Workpro Complaints for Financial Services comes pre-configured to meet the complaint handling needs of financial services firms, with FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) reporting requirements built-in.

Workpro ensures all complaints are dealt with in an effective, efficient manner and that your organisation is complying fully with FCA regulation. In addition the system provides valuable management insight that captures complaints data and helps you to continually improve and deliver better products and services. 

Companies that see complaints as a valuable business insight tool really do gain the competitive edge.

Treating Customers Fairly
Workpro will demonstrate to the FCA that you are putting customer experience at the heart of your strategy, as the system ensures a consistent, fair and transparent approach to handling complaints. It gives you increased control of your processes and a genuine ability to focus on and learn from complaints.    

Complaints Resolved, Lessons Learned 

Workpro captures and categorises all complaints data. Root cause and trend analysis provide invaluable business insights that you can use to improve products and services.     

See the difference on your bottom line     
Productivity gains reduce the costs of putting things right for the customer. Swift, appropriate response to complaints helps you to repair and protect any potential damage to your firm’s reputation, maximising customer retention.   

Minimise Risk
Complaints have been a hot topic in the financial services industry for some time now. It’s not just fines for mis-selling and poor advice making the headlines, the FCA has also been issuing huge fines for poor complaints handling itself. Workpro ensures you meet your regulatory obligations. Happy customers and happy regulators!

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