Comprehensive cost effective, complaints handling for NHS bodies

Workpro complaints handling and reporting software from CAS helps NHS bodies improve complaints handling, managing all complaints effectively and efficiently in line with regulatory guidelines, Then crucially the wealth of data collected can be analysed and reported on to allow lessons from complaints to be learned and improvements made.

Complaints about the National Health Service are on the increase. NHS Scotland complaints went up by 11 % in 2013/2014. It does not necessarily mean that services are deteriorating, as many NHS bodies have taken steps to make it easier to submit a complaint and there is an increased awareness amongst the UK public of the right to complain, particularly in the light of recent media interest. It does underline however that complaints handling in the NHS is a vital issue.

“Complaints are a key way for public authorities to learn about services that are not working well and to use that feedback to make improvement”.
Jim Martin Scottish Public Services Ombudsman (SPSO) 2014

So how can Workpro help? By helping you to manage your complaints, not just record them.  

Workpro Complaints is a complaints and enquiry management system which stores all complaint related information in a central, secure and easy to use system. Many customer service organisations, including some of the largest UK Ombudsman schemes (SPSO are a Workpro customer) rely on Workpro to record, manage and monitor a variety of cases – from complaints and enquiries to more complex investigations

Workpro will help you to comply with the NHS “Can I Help You” guidance on complaints handling (published March 2012):    

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