HR case management

Human Resources teams and Employee Relations specialists in a variety of sectors use Workpro HR to improve HR case management and reporting.

They share a desire to gain greater visibility of HR cases in their organisation and an easier, more reliable way to analyse trends and root causes in employee wellbeing and issues.

Workpro is designed to work alongside existing HR and Payroll systems as a dedicated system in which to manage the complex casework that routine HR systems cannot handle.

It promotes better service, increased productivity and compliance. Everyone knows exactly what needs to be done next, by when and by whom.

Pre-configured with common HR case types ready to use “out of the box”, Workpro is quick to deploy. Standard case types include Grievance, Disciplinary, Performance, Absence Management, Long Term Sickness, Redundancy and more. These case types can be configured to match your policies and others can be added. Many elements of the system can be maintained by authorised “super users” (System Administrators) with appropriate training. 

Workpro is extremely flexible and scalable should you require it now or in the future. 

Learn more: Workpro HR case management software (this link will take you to our dedicated product website).