HR case management software

Workpro HR Case Management System is a specialised version of our well-established Workpro product which has been specifically designed to meet the needs of Human Resources teams and Employee Relations specialists. It enables them to effectively track and process complex HR and Employee Relations cases. Data Protection and FOI cases (GDPR, SAR etc.) can be managed in the same system and other case types can be added. 

Workpro is designed to work alongside existing HR and Payroll systems as a dedicated system in which to manage the complex casework that routine HR systems cannot handle.

It promotes better service, increased productivity and compliance. Everyone knows exactly what needs to be done next, by when and by whom.

 It comes pre-configured with a number of features ready to use “out of the box”. These built in features deliver proven, good practice case management processes and are designed to get clients up and running quickly. Many elements of the system can be maintained by authorised “super users” (System Administrators) with appropriate training. 

Workpro is also extremely flexible and scalable should clients require it now or in the future. Compliance with specific business or regulatory rules and timescales can be reflected in the workflow for instance.

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