Ombudsman case management solutions

Working with Ombudsman and Commissioner organisations for nearly two decades, the Workpro team really understand how to optimise IT solutions for regulatory schemes.

The Leading Ombudsman Solution

Workpro case management software is used by Ombudsman schemes throughout the UK and worldwide as their core business system. It is used to manage all case types, from enquiries and complaints, to Freedom of Information (FOI) requests and internal/service complaints.

Configurable, Cost Effective

Whilst no two Ombudsmen’s business processes are identical, our experience is that there are more similarities than differences, allowing us to efficiently implement solutions in a very cost-effective and low risk manner. Workpro is highly configurable and our experienced consultants can work with clients to tailor their solution to suit their specific needs.

Learn more: Workpro complaints management software (this link takes you to our dedicated product website).