CAS systems provide a realistic training environment for NATO aircrews.

Computer Application Services (CAS) has been providing IT systems and services to NATO defence establishments since 1982. Our Aircrew Training Systems are in use by NATO squadrons from 7 different countries. 

Our highly qualified engineers provide integrated mission critical systems for European Electronic Warfare Tactics Ranges. These sophisticated Command, Control and Communications (C3) systems are not only technically complex, they must comply with very strict defence standards defined by their multi-national military users.

CAS C3 systems help provide a realistic aircrew training environment which allows airforces to develop and practice the tactics necessary to defeat ground based anti-aircraft systems. The system is flexible enough to cope with the ever changing threat scenarios that aircrew are likely to come up against when they are deployed to hostile territories.

Participating aircrew are then provided with timely and accurate feedback as soon as they land. This combination provides a powerful, ultra-realistic and cost-effective training environment which helps to maximise the benefit of each flying hour.