Workpro Case Management Software

Workpro case management software is our flagship product. We specialise in solutions for complaints handling, HR case management, Freedom of Information (FOI) requests and other regulated casework.

With over 17 years’ experience, we are a trusted case management supplier to both the public and private sector. Many Ombudsman and Commissioners in the UK and worldwide use Workpro, giving us unique insight into case management in regulated environments.

Workpro solutions include:

Workpro Complaints Management – Improved tracking and reporting of all complaints and customer feedback from one integrated system. FOI, EIR and SAR case types included.

Workpro for Financial Services Complaints – An industry specific version of Workpro Complaints for financial services firms who must comply with strict FCA complaint handling rules.

Workpro HR Case Management – Specialised software for HR and Employee Relations cases, such as grievance, disciplinary, redundancy and long-term sickness. 

Workpro Requests Management – FOI (Freedom of Information), EIR (Environmental Information Regulations) and GDPR SARs (Subject Access Requests) case tracking.

Workpro improves case handling and reporting - while reducing costs and risks. It is applicable for any process, non-conformance or regulated casework, from incidents and issues, to complaints and information requests.

Complete visibility of case activity, next steps and deadlines. Everything to do with a case in one place.

Learn more: visit our dedicated Workpro website.

Workpro is available on the UK Government G Cloud Framework, via the UK Digital Marketplace.

Img: Workpro HR Dashboard - Sickness and Absence Example

Workpro HR Dashboard - Sickness and Absence Example

Img: Workpro HR Dashboard Example - Employee Turnover

Workpro HR Dashboard Example - Employee Turnover

Img: Workpro Complaints Dashboard Example

Workpro Complaints Dashboard Example