Workpro Case Management and Complaints Handling System

Workpro is a complete system for recording, managing and reporting on all cases, complaints, issues, enquiries and customer feedback.

It is available as an onsite or hosted system, and can be adapted to meet the needs of all kinds of organisations.  

Ready to go…  

For the most common Workpro application areas, we have pre-configured, “out of the box” solutions. These come with workflow, templates and reporting built in and ready for you to deploy straight away. 

…or more bespoke.

Workpro is also highly customisable and scalable. Our consultants can work closely with you to tailor Workpro to fit your business requirements exactly. Workpro can be configured to fully reflect your organisation’s unique processes and terminology if required.

For more information please refer to our dedicated Workpro website:

Please note Workpro Case Management and Complaints Handling Solution is available on the UK Government G Cloud 9 Framework, via the UK Digital Marketplace.


Img: Workpro Workflow Screenshot

Workpro Workflow Screenshot

Img: Workpro Workflow Screenshot 2

Workpro Workflow Screenshot 2

Img: Workpro Complaints Analysis Screenshot

Workpro Complaints Analysis Screenshot