Workpro Case Management System

CAS is an established supplier of case management solutions to both public and private sector organisations in the UK and overseas.

Our core product is Workpro case management software which is offered primarily to the following market segments:

All Workpro versions contain FOI and DP case types for management of Freedom of Information (FOI and EIR) and Data Protection (DP, GDPR, SAR) requests. Other case types can be added.

Development of Workpro is ongoing, with a documented Product Roadmap. We seek input from our clients to the roadmap, as well as customer feedback about our service.

For more information please refer to our dedicated Workpro website:

Please note Workpro Case Management and Complaints Handling Solutiona are available on the UK Government G Cloud Framework, via the UK Digital Marketplace.


Img: Workpro New Complaint Case Screenshot

Workpro New Complaint Case Screenshot

Img: Workpro FOI Case Screenshot

Workpro FOI Case Screenshot

Img: Workpro Dashboard Screenshot

Workpro Dashboard Screenshot